S2 E3 – Grant Canary’s Dire Warning

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Given the recent COP26 global conference, reposting this episode!

“Climate Change is THE problem that all problems report to.”

“Climate Change is an existential problem for us over next 20 years”

To budding entrepreneurs,  “Do something that matters.”

In this wide ranging episode. Grant describes how Droneseed are following data and customers to make an impact on regrowing fire damaged forests. Putting three types of drones to work and ensuring a robust supply of seeds and seedlings from their SilvaSeed acquisition, they are unburdening people from heavy labor and ensuring a good shot for burnt forests to come back alive. Classic example of using technology to try to repair a critically broken situation.

Grant explains in depth their process, how he methodically arrived at finding the problem and attracting a team to develop the drone based solution. Lots of other interesting nuggets including use of OKR’s and his favorite food.

Enjoy this episode featuring a global wanderer who came back home.

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