S1E11 – Vetri Vellore of Ally

Vetri on Startup Seattle

Vetri Vellore is a second time entrepreneur and is the Founder and CEO of Ally.io. They offer an OKR platform for enterprises. In this episode, hear Vetri share his thoughts on Recent Trends in the nature of work in companies, small and large How  OKR’s (Objectives and Key Results) differ from other goal setting systems… Continue reading S1E11 – Vetri Vellore of Ally

S1 E5 – KK on Cybersecurity

Startup Seattle Podcast

Krishna Kumar Parthasarathy is a Distinguished Engineer of Enterprise Security at Microsoft. In this episode, he shares the finer details of how to think about Enterprise Security. We talk about data leaks, insider threats, opportunities in this area and likely new trends. We finish with his love for photography and a great choice for his… Continue reading S1 E5 – KK on Cybersecurity