Conversation with Widad Machmouchi – Data Scientist at Microsoft

Widad Machmouchi - Principal Data Scientist at Microsoft

For this episode, we sought to throw some light on data science and data scientists, a trending position in modern companies. We are excited to bring you an episode with Widad Machmouchi, a Principal Data Scientist Manager at Microsoft. She may have ended up in Washington DC but Seattle lucked out in becoming her home.… Continue reading Conversation with Widad Machmouchi – Data Scientist at Microsoft

S2 E3 – Grant Canary’s Dire Warning

Startup Seattle Podcast

Given the recent COP26 global conference, reposting this episode! “Climate Change is THE problem that all problems report to.” “Climate Change is an existential problem for us over next 20 years” To budding entrepreneurs,  “Do something that matters.” In this wide ranging episode. Grant describes how Droneseed are following data and customers to make an… Continue reading S2 E3 – Grant Canary’s Dire Warning

S2 E1 – Aaron Holm – Blokable

Aaron Holm of Blokable is striving to make an impact on the housing crisis Enjoy this discussion, where we talk about What is contributing to modern day housing crisis and ways to solve? Blokable’s end to end approach to modular housing Complexity in real estate development Blokable’s advantages & more You can follow us at… Continue reading S2 E1 – Aaron Holm – Blokable

S2 E2 – Geoff Harris

Geoff Harris of Flying Fish on AI/ML as investing thesis and Pacific Northwest Focus In this discussion that I liked a lot, Geoff shares his insights on Skills he needed to make a move into Venture Capital investing Evaluating AI/ML Companies with skill Attributes of a successful founder His firm’s Focus on Pacific Northwest Mentions… Continue reading S2 E2 – Geoff Harris

S1 E21 – Vedant Srinivas

Vedant, an entering sophomore at Eastlake High in Sammamish WA discusses his year long effort to build a system (“Aura”) to audibly warn wildlife to get away from oncoming cars. His passion, effort and talent shines through in this conversation. Enjoy! You can follow us at You can also send us feedback to… Continue reading S1 E21 – Vedant Srinivas

S1E11 – Vetri Vellore of Ally

Vetri on Startup Seattle

Vetri Vellore is a second time entrepreneur and is the Founder and CEO of They offer an OKR platform for enterprises. In this episode, hear Vetri share his thoughts on Recent Trends in the nature of work in companies, small and large How  OKR’s (Objectives and Key Results) differ from other goal setting systems… Continue reading S1E11 – Vetri Vellore of Ally

S1 E10 – Isaac Kato of Techstars Seattle

Startup Seattle Podcast

Isaac Kato is a serial entrepreneur, venture capitalist and now serves as the Managing Director of Techstars Seattle. In this episode, we talk about His adventures in Iceland with an interesting stint as a Founder at a Green data center company How Techstars is run, their current diversity focus and adapting to the pandemic His… Continue reading S1 E10 – Isaac Kato of Techstars Seattle

S1E9-Gregg Bennett

Startup Seattle Podcast

Gregg Bennett is a prolific Angel Investor, company incubator and Vice Chairman of the Board at Alliance of Angels. In this episode with Startup Seattle, Gregg talks about :- His Serendipitous entry to Angel investing Reasons for Angel investing How he sizes up the Founding team Thoughts on company updates Experience incubating two companies –… Continue reading S1E9-Gregg Bennett