S2 E3 – Grant Canary’s Dire Warning

Startup Seattle Podcast

Given the recent COP26 global conference, reposting this episode! “Climate Change is THE problem that all problems report to.” “Climate Change is an existential problem for us over next 20 years” To budding entrepreneurs,  “Do something that matters.” In this wide ranging episode. Grant describes how Droneseed are following data and customers to make an… Continue reading S2 E3 – Grant Canary’s Dire Warning

S1E16 – Suresh Kotha on Entrepreneurship

Startup Seattle Podcast

Suresh Kotha is a Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship at UW Foster School of Business We talked about Suresh becoming an accidental Professor What they teach in the various Entrepreneurship programs Crossing the Idea to Opportunity Chasm Entrepreneurial Thinking Diversity Seattle Startup Ecosystem & more You can follow us at  https://twitter.com/carabinermedia1. You can also send… Continue reading S1E16 – Suresh Kotha on Entrepreneurship

S1 E15 – Tami Fujii – Kinona

Tami Fujii of Kinona

Tami Fujii is the co-founder and Chief Strategy of Kinona. Kinona specializes in golf apparel for women. We talked about Motivation to found Kinona Early customer discovery and Design The challenges of navigating the company during COVID Mind of a marketer Brand Strategy & more You can follow us at  https://twitter.com/carabinermedia1. You can also send… Continue reading S1 E15 – Tami Fujii – Kinona

S1 E13- Craig Evans of ESS

Craig Evans is Founder and CEO of Oregon based ESS (Energy Storage Systems). His company is building long duration energy storage to support demand curves in grids powered by renewable energy. We talk about :- Role of long duration energy storage in power grids ESS’s Tech advantage with the Iron Flow Battery System Challenges in… Continue reading S1 E13- Craig Evans of ESS

S1E11 – Vetri Vellore of Ally

Vetri on Startup Seattle

Vetri Vellore is a second time entrepreneur and is the Founder and CEO of Ally.io. They offer an OKR platform for enterprises. In this episode, hear Vetri share his thoughts on Recent Trends in the nature of work in companies, small and large How  OKR’s (Objectives and Key Results) differ from other goal setting systems… Continue reading S1E11 – Vetri Vellore of Ally

S1 E10 – Isaac Kato of Techstars Seattle

Startup Seattle Podcast

Isaac Kato is a serial entrepreneur, venture capitalist and now serves as the Managing Director of Techstars Seattle. In this episode, we talk about His adventures in Iceland with an interesting stint as a Founder at a Green data center company How Techstars is run, their current diversity focus and adapting to the pandemic His… Continue reading S1 E10 – Isaac Kato of Techstars Seattle

Angel Investing Experiences

Startup Seattle Podcast

In this slightly longer episode, three Angel Investors get together to share their Angel Investing experience. David Hoppe, Javier Soto and the host Krishnan Gopalan talk about How they got started and their Portfolio highlights Why they Angel Invest How to get started Angel Investing in Seattle Key aspects they look for during their company… Continue reading Angel Investing Experiences

Somasegar on Venture Investing

Startup Seattle Podcast

A wide ranging conversation with Somasegar, Managing Director Madrona Ventures Highlights: His foray into VC Madrona Philosophy Madrona Organization Enterprise Trends What makes successful companies Seattle startup ecosystem And more… Please listen and subscribe to this episode in your favorite podcast player from the links below. We would love any feedback. Kindly send suggestions to… Continue reading Somasegar on Venture Investing