Astrophotography with Harish Krishnakumar


Harish is a junior in the Tesla STEM school in Redmond.  I found about his deep interest in astrophotography last year and seen many of his brilliant images on Instagram. I was curious to explore his journey and to my delight, he was ready to share.  I hope you enjoy this special episode. Harish is… Continue reading Astrophotography with Harish Krishnakumar

S1 E21 – Vedant Srinivas

Vedant, an entering sophomore at Eastlake High in Sammamish WA discusses his year long effort to build a system (“Aura”) to audibly warn wildlife to get away from oncoming cars. His passion, effort and talent shines through in this conversation. Enjoy! You can follow us at You can also send us feedback to… Continue reading S1 E21 – Vedant Srinivas