S1 E4 – Jo Masterson

Startup Seattle Podcast

Jo talks about Digital Therapeutics, Digital Health, 2Morrow’s clinical trial proven behavior health platform.  She talks about what’s important in a co founder and how 2Morrow has navigated COVID and their B2B2c offering Please review and rate our episodes on your favorite podcast platform. To send us feedback, please send us email: startupfeedback@carabinermedia.com You can… Continue reading S1 E4 – Jo Masterson

S1 E3 – Carter Mackley

Startup Seattle Podcast

Carter Mackley shares useful and interesting information on business entity formation, cap tables, common mistakes in fundraising, valuation and other aspects of startup law. He shares his experiences. Carter’s web site is startuplawtalk.com. It’s a great resource for startup founders. Please listen to the episode at the links below in your favorite podcast player Please… Continue reading S1 E3 – Carter Mackley

S1 E2 Sam Pardue Indow Windows

Sam responds to questions on customer empathy, channel strategy, handling COVID and offers views on climate change, his help in getting work for refugees and his entrepreneurship experience

S1 E1 Will Clausen – Cartogram

Will and I talk about indoor mapping and how they found their fit in the healthcare sector. We talk about IP for startups and some learnings that Will shares for startup founders. We discuss fundraising and navigating company during COVID.